A Rock-solid Reputation

There are at least 53 minerals named after Carnegie scientists—some found deep inside the Earth's interior, others exist only at a single location on the whole planet, others hail from elsewhere in our Solar System.

The World is Our Laboratory

Carnegie Earth scientists explore the physics and chemistry of planetary materials from the atomic to the planetary scale.

Our planet's depths contain clues to its formation and evolution. Carnegie Earth scientists deploy a variety of techniques to elucidate these secrets. Using a combination of fieldwork, monitoring, lab-based mimicry, and advanced computation, Carnegie scientists have been global leaders in understanding the dynamic interior of our world for more than a century.

They probe the physical processes that give rise to earthquakes and volcanoes; reveal the geochemical history of Earth's magnetic field, without which life as we know it could not exist; and seek to understand what our planet's geologic history can teach us about the search for habitable exoplanets and life beyond our Solar System.

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