A welcoming workplace environment

We strive to foster collegiality, intellectual curiosity, and opportunities for professional growth.


We also like to have fun!

We know that work-life balance is crucial for professional success.

Working at Biosphere Sciences & Engineering

Across our three campuses, we've cultivated a vibrant community of collaboration that allows us to pursue our wildest ideas, discover new research avenues, and build relationships. 

BSE staff gather for a spirited discussion in a Caltech library.

Pasadena Campus

Although we are new to the Pasadena area, we are already making connections with our new Caltech colleagues. These relationships are the foundation upon which we will continue to build as we establish a new, cutting-edge approach to understanding the natural world. Once fully established, we believe we will make a major contribution to Los Angeles’ robust intellectual ecosystem.

Halloween Party

Baltimore Campus

With a focus on collaboration and early-career training, Carnegie’s Baltimore campus encourages synergistic and long-lasting relationships between faculty, researchers, students, and support staff. 

Our scientists enjoy access to world-class research facilities at Johns Hopkins University, an open-department structure where equipment, resources, and ideas are freely shared, and a robust amount of professional development opportunities — including weekly seminars, postdoc-organized symposiums, and grant writing workshops.

We believe that solid friendships underscore innovative and collaborative research. Weekly happy hour events, table tennis tournaments, holiday parties, and costume contests are just a few ways we get to know each other.

Retirement dinner for Joe Berry.

Palo Alto Campus

Between art and photography exhibits and frequent on-site musical jam sessions, creative expression is an important part of the culture for our global ecologists and plant biologists. 

A focus on wellness and mental health includes a digital forums for celebrating accomplishments, as well as appreciating nature and travel photos.

A group devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts meets bimonthly to advance efforts to make Carnegie facilities welcoming to individuals of every background. 

The postdoc association plans professional development events, as well as social gatherings for recognizing the contributions of Carnegie's early career researchers.