Life Sciences: On the Cutting Edge

For decades, Carnegie scientists operating at all scales have developed deep expertise in understanding the mechanisms that govern life as we know it. Our developmental and plant biologists at are experts in deploying the latest cellular and molecular research tools and techniques. Our ecologists are at the vanguard of knowledge on our planet’s dynamic systems and cycles and how climate change is impacting them. Moving forward, our Biosphere Sciences & Engineering (BSE) division aims to define the next frontier of life sciences research.

Disrupting the traditional, siloed perspective to studying the the living world and our changing planet by deploying a fully integrated genomes-to-ecosystems approach will be crucial to ensuring our survival on this planet. Our scientists are pursuing an overarching view of human activity’s effects of Earth’s dynamic systems, including how individual species respond to stressful conditions, and whether we can build community resilience to help ensure a sustainable future. There is no more pressing problem facing humanity today.