Sharing Our Science

Carnegie has a long history of efforts to advance STEM literacy, through Institution-wide outreach and educational programs, as well as more targeted initiatives in the communities where our campuses are located and regular participation in science fairs and festivals whenever possible.

Advancing science literacy among members of the general public, raising awareness of science's importance to society, and training the next generation of STEM professionals are all crucial to our Institutional mission.

Carnegie Academy for Science Education

Since its founding by Carnegie President Emerita Maxine Singer in 1989, CASE programs have served more than 1,600 students and 1,200 teachers in the nation's capital.

CASE’s First Light Saturday Science School, a free program for DC’s middle school students, gives local students an opportunity to explore STEM skills and careers through direct work with STEM practitioners. The Summer Stars program provides hands-on laboratory research experience to high school and undergraduate students.  

To enhance student preparation, CASE also provides multiple professional learning opportunities for teachers, including teaching materials and research-grade lab equipment through the Amgen Biotech Experience. 

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Math for America D.C.

The impressive thinkers that should be in front of kids in the classroom have their pick of places to work.  MfA D.C. wants them to choose teaching.  So they do everything they can to make teaching professionally and financially rewarding, by creating a valuable learning community and offering significant stipends. 

MƒA D.C. was launched in 2008 with the goal to ensure excellence in mathematics teaching in D.C. public and public charter secondary schools by recruiting, training and retaining talented mathematics teachers over a five-year period.

In partnership with Carnegie, MƒA D.C. has offered the MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship since 2011. In addition to the Master Teacher Corps, MfA D.C supports a cohort of Teaching Fellows during their first four years of teaching.

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Other Outreach Initiatives