Much Decorated

Four Carnegie experts in heredity, genetics, and molecular biology have been recognized with the Nobel Prize since 1933.

Defining New Fields For Generations

For more than 100 years, Carnegie researchers played a fundamental role in advancing the field of biology.

They elucidated the path of human embryonic development, revealed crucial aspects of genetics and heredity, and shaped the fields of cellular and molecular biology.

Today, researchers are capable of linking genomic information not just to the synthesis of molecules that comprise our physiological functions—knowledge Carnegie scientists were crucial to elucidating over the last half-century—but also extending these investigations to the interactions between species that shape both human health and ecosystem resilience.

Carnegie biologists are uniquely positioned to drive discovery on the greatest challenges facing humanity. Carnegie experts are revealing both the microbial interactions that shape human health and longevity and the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underpin symbiotic relationships key to coral resilience and sustainable agriculture.