Office of the President

Eric D. Isaacs serves as president of the Carnegie Institution for Science. Appointed by the institution's board of trustees, he serves as the chief executive officer of the institution with the general charge of its administration and supervision. Ben Barbin serves as his Chief of Staff. 

Finance and Operations

Timothy Doyle is the Chief Operating Officer with overall responsibility for the Institution's operations. Michael Stambaugh is our Chief Investment Officer with responsibility for managing the Institution's endowment. 

Office of General Counsel

Benjamin Aderson is Carnegie's General Counsel responsible for critical legal areas, including intellectual property, employment and benefits, research, and real estate.


Ann McElwain is the Chief Development Officer managing the institution's development efforts.  


Tina McDowell and Natasha Metzler are in the communications office and are responsible for issuing periodical and special publications, news releases, social media, updating web content, and granting permissions to publish Carnegie material.