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There's a reason people say, "Once you've worked at the Earth & Planets Laboratory, you'll always be a part of the family!"

Over the past century, we've cultivated a vibrant community of collaboration that allows us to pursue our wildest ideas, discover new research avenues, and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Larry Nittler and Jens Barosch look at Ryugu

Postdoctoral Life

Postdocs at the Earth & Planets Laboratory are regarded as scientific colleagues with the freedom to chart the path of their own research goals. During their time on campus, they gain invaluable mentorship opportunities from our world-class scientists, who, free from teaching obligations, are committed to the development and mentorship of early career scientists. 

Our unique program provides postdocs with an interdisciplinary cohort of peers, professional development workshops, access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and facilities, mentorship opportunities, and memories to last a lifetime. 

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Quotes from Colleagues

We needed four different disciplines to crack that case on deep-focus earthquakes—and it turned out we had them all in-house! It's rare to find a department that has that kind of breadth.

Dr. Steven Shirey Staff Scientist

The type of research I do requires a wide range of experimental and analytical techniques. Carnegie's Earth & Planets Laboratory is one of the few unique places with all the instrumentation and expertise I was looking for.

Peng Ni Postdoctoral Fellow

The EPL community is so open and collaborative that I knew I would have ample opportunities to work with new networks and start projects I didn’t anticipate at the time. Those new ideas and collaborations ended up driving my current research.

Daniel Portner Postdoctoral Fellow
Peng Ni Hold Meteorite

Peng Ni holds a piece of iron meteorite. Many iron meteorites are thought to be remnants of the cores of small planetary bodies in the early Solar System.

Daniel E. Portner
Aldo Raeliarijaona at the Mud Cup 2021

Campus Activities

The Earth & Planets Laboratory is more than a place to do world-class science. It's inspiring seminars and reading groups that expand your mind and enhance your research. It's friendly conversations with colleagues over shared lunches. It's even the occasional athletic competition. In short—it's a community! 

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Postdoc Appreciation 2021 Field Trip

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Earth & Planets Laboratory is committed to creating an inclusive environment for every member of our community. Carnegie Science offers a range of resources and offices to help make our campus welcoming for people from all backgrounds.

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Campus Aerial

Our Campus

Carnegie's Broad Branch Road campus (BBR) has been home to groundbreaking planetary science for more than a century. Tucked away next to Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC, this lush academic oasis is filled with top-of-the-line instrumentation and facilities—the perfect launch site for your next big idea. 

Who else is on campus?

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