Clathrate Explosion

Our Research

We utilize experimental and theoretical approaches to understand fundamental chemical processes and interactions and to create new and advanced technological and energy-related materials. We use the variable of pressure to synthesize new materials and use a range of spectroscopic techniques to interrogate their structures and properties.

We utilize theoretical approaches to predict and search for new compounds and syntheses routes for making stable compounds with desired properties at ambient conditions.

Top Questions

Tools of the Trade

High-pressure experiments are performed using piston cylinder and multi-anvil presses, laser-heated diamond anvil cells, and dynamic compression facilities. We analyze and characterize experimental samples using our wide-ranging in-house capabilities including SEM, EPMA, FIB, NMR, Raman, FTIR, PPMS, and X-ray diffraction.

We use national and international synchrotron facilities to probe samples in situ at micron and sub-micron scales. Theoretical approaches utilize high-performance computing systems both on and off-campus. 

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