Dr. Pommier is a civil engineer and geoscientist by training. She received her Ph.D. in November 2009 from the CNRS-University of Orleans, France, working on the electrical properties of magmas, with application to Mount Vesuvius, Italy. After postdoctoral experiences at MIT and ASU, she became a faculty member at UC San Diego-Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2014, where she built a high-pressure lab. She received an NSF-CAREER award in 2018 and was promoted with tenure in July 2020. One year later, she moved to the Earth and Planets Laboratory at the Carnegie Institution for Science.

As a mineral physicist, Dr. Pommier conducts experiments in the lab to probe the physical and chemical properties of mantle and core analogs. The aim is to understand the present-day composition and evolution of terrestrial planets and moons (such as the Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Mercury). One specialty of her lab is to perform in situ electrical measurements on samples at high pressures and temperatures.

At Carnegie, she is also working with several EPL colleagues to perform optical and acoustic measurements in the press. She works in close collaboration with researchers in geophysics, planetary sciences, geodynamics, and chemistry.



Pommier Experimental Planetary Lab (PEPL)

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