Gwen Rudie's work focuses on precision measurements of the physical conditions and chemistry of gas surrounding and within galaxies which provide clues about the physics governing the formation and evolution of galaxies. Rudie has played a leading role in several major surveys including the Keck Baryonic Structure Survey (KBSS), the Cosmic Ultraviolet Baryon Survey (CUBS), the Lyman-alpha Tomography IMACS Survey (LATIS), and the upcoming Chemical Evolution Constrained using Ionized Lines in Interstellar Aurorae (CECILIA) Survey using the James Webb Space Telescope. 

Rudie is also a Project Scientist for the Magellan Infrared Multi-object Spectrograph (MIRMOS), a near-infrared multi-object spectrograph and integral field unit to be deployed at the Magellan 6.5-meter telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory. She was also a member of the science team for the Multi-Object Spectrometer for Infra-Red Exploration (MOSFIRE) on Keck.  

In addition to her scientific research, Rudie is the Director of the Carnegie Astrophysics Summer Student Internship (CASSI) program which invites talented undergraduates to the Observatories campus for a 10-week in depth educational program focused on original astronomical research and professional development. CASSI provides a supportive and engaging environment for young researchers from diverse backgrounds to explore career opportunities in science, learn critical thinking and communication skills, and develop lasting mentoring relationships with Carnegie scientists and others within our community.

Rudie is also deeply committed to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in science, leading multiple programs at the Observatories. She was also a member of the Carnegie Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and the Carnegie Climate Survey Working Group. 



Recent Publications