Enjoy this exclusive suite of science valentines we made just for you! Based on Carnegie Science research, these cards are designed to spark your curiosity and warm your heart. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's, or Palentines, we encourage you to download these graphics and share the love! You can also download the entire printable set. 

There's no  better way to say, "You're statistically significant to me!"

Earth with satellite: "You're sending all the right signals!"

You're sending all the right signals!

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Axolotle with hearts: "We don't axolotl people this, but will you be our valentine?"

We don't axolotl people this, but will you be our valentine?

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An ion "I've got my Ion You"

I've got my ion you!

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Black hole with text "You're inescapable!"

You're inescapable!

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Cartoon planets around the earth: "My world revolves around you"

My world revolves around you!

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Diamond anvil cell: "I'm crushing You"

I'm crushing on you!

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A dog holding a beaker: "You're my paw-fect match"

You're my "paw"fect match!

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