$10 million

The gift with which Andrew Carnegie founded the Institution


More than 1,500

The number of individual donors and foundations that support Carnegie annually


$136 million

The total of this generosity over the past 15 years

Founded in Philanthropy

Andrew Carnegie founded this institution in 1902 as a home for world-transforming scientific breakthroughs. Today, the generous support of our donors advances his legacy of philanthropy and continues to drive discovery.

Many generous individuals and foundations have since demonstrated a commitment to scientific pursuits that create new frontiers, expand human understanding, and launch the next generation of discoveries. We celebrate your investment in Carnegie Science, which helps our investigators explore beyond traditional boundaries of space, Earth, and life sciences. You’ve empowered Carnegie scientists with a rare ability to take risks and chart new—often, previously unimagined—research paths. Together, we are exploring new vistas of knowledge, and we are proud and thankful that you are our partner in this scientific enterprise.

Your support has helped advance Carnegie’s scientific research exploring how a plant species' adaptation is molecularly encoded in their DNA, advancing the study of ovarian follicle development in its most critical stages, how to map the sky with a high-resolution than ever before, and much more.

The following listings include those who have generously supported Carnegie Science, including individuals and those who have given from private foundations and donor-advised funds. We would love the opportunity to recognize your support. To have your name listed here make a donation today by going to www.carnegiescience.edu/support-our-science. Thank you.

Lifetime Giving

Andrew Carnegie seated at a desk with a book, circa 1913 1913

Carnegie Founders Society

When Andrew Carnegie made his original $10 million gift, he did so with the audacious goal of establishing an independent research organization that would increase scientific knowledge for the improvement of humankind. Likewise, members of the Carnegie Founders Society are visionaries who—through their generosity and entrepreneurial spirit—lay the foundations for innovation, ingenuity, and intellectual courage to thrive. With lifetime contributions of $10 million or more, these individuals have empowered Carnegie investigators to pursue the most profound challenges in modern science and truly transform our relationship to the universe and world around us.

Caryl P. Haskins*

William R. Hewlett*

George P. Mitchell*


Edwin Hubble with pipe

Edwin Hubble Society

Science often requires years of hard work and dedication before major discoveries can be made, and Edwin Hubble Society members make the critical investments that allow our researchers to take calculated risks in pursuit of new knowledge. Carnegie scientist Edwin Hubble, the most famous astronomer of the 20th century, shattered our old concept of cosmology by observing that the universe is vastly larger than we thought and is, in fact, expanding. We are proud to honor the members of the Edwin Hubble Society, who have fostered such extended, paradigm-changing research through their lifetime contributions of $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Anonymous (2)

D. Euan and Angelica Baird

Michael A. Duffy~

William H. Gates III

William* and Cynthia Gayden

Michael* and Mary Gellert

Robert G.* and Alexandra C. Goelet

William T. Golden*

Crawford and Margaretta Greenewalt*

David and Charlotte Greenewalt*

Robert and Margaret Hazen

Margaret and Will Hearst

Richard E. Heckert*

Kazuo* and Asako Inamori

Burton* and Deedee McMurtry

Jaylee and Gilbert Mead*

Cary Queen

Deborah Rose, Ph.D.

William J. Rutter

David and Catherine Thompson~

Thomas* and Mary Urban

Dr. Nathalie Valette-Silver*

Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr.*

Michael G. & C. Jane Wilson


~New Member

Vannevar Bush portrait

Vannevar Bush Society

Vannevar Bush, the renowned leader of American scientific research of his time, served as Carnegie's president from 1939 to 1956. Bush believed in the power of private organizations and the conviction that it is good for humans to know. The Vannevar Bush Society recognizes those who have made lifetime contributions of $100,000 - $999,999.

Anonymous (5)

Philip H. Abelson*

Bruce and Betty Alberts

Mary Anne Nyburg Baker and G. Leonard Baker, Jr.

Craig and Barbara Barrett

Daniel Belin and Kate Ganz

Bradley F. Bennett*

Didier and Brigitte Berthelemot

David P. Brown*

Donald and Linda Brown

Richard Buynitzky*

A. James Clark*

Tom and Anne Cori

John Crawford

H. Clark and Eleanora K. Dalton*

John Diebold*

Jean and Leslie Douglas*

Herbert A. Dropkin*

James Ebert*

Jo Ann Eder

Bruce W. Ferguson and Heather R. Sandiford

Stephen and Janelle Fodor

Karen Fries and Richard Tait

Martin and Jacqueline Gellert

Sibyl R. Golden*

Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum

Gary K.* and Cary S. Hart

Henrietta W. Hollaender*

Virginia Johns~

Antonia Ax:son Johnson and Goran Ennerfelt

Paul A. Johnson*

Paul and Carolyn Kokulis

Douglas E. Koshland

Gerald D. and Doris* Laubach

Gilbert and Karen Levin*~

Lawrence H. Linden

Michael T. Long

John D. Macomber

Christopher* and Lois Madison

Steven L. McKnight

Richard A. and Martha R. Meserve

Martin and Jacqueline Gellert

J. Irwin Miller*

Al* and Honey Nashman

Charles J. and Virginia E. Peterson

Alexander Pogo*

Elizabeth M. Ramsey*

Ray and Meredith Rothrock

Vera and Robert Rubin*

Allan R. Sandage*

Leonard Searle*

Maxine and Daniel Singer

Allan Spradling and Edie Stern

Frank N. Stanton*

Christopher Stone

Dawn Taylor

Michael W. Thacher and Rhonda L. Rundle~

Tommy Tse

William* and Nancy Turner

Marshall and Deborah Wais

Matthew Weitzman~

Anthony and Susan Wood

Laure Woods


~New Member

The Milky Way visible over a mountain road. Courtesy of Yuri Beletsky.

Second Century Legacy Society

The Second Century Legacy Society recognizes individuals who make special commitments to Carnegie Science in support of scientific research and discovery through their wills, living trusts, estate plans, and other forms of planned giving. Members of the Society carry on the vital tradition of philanthropy upon which Carnegie Science was founded, ensuring that throughout Carnegie’s next 100 years, we have the resources to broaden scientific knowledge and cultivate future generations of leading scientists. Through planned gifts, members meet their charitable and financial goals while creating legacies that support the research areas most important to them. We gratefully acknowledge these dedicated supporters, whose impact will be felt in tomorrow’s research advances.

Anonymous (4)

Philip H. Abelson*

Paul A. Armond, Jr.

Liselotte Beach*

Bradley F. Bennett*

Francis R. Boyd, Jr.*

Lou and Lore Brown*

Gordon and Cynthia Burley*

Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan

Richard Buynitzky*

Eleanor Gish Crow*

H. Clark and Eleanora K. Dalton*

Hugh H. Darby*

Herbert A. Dropkin*

Jo Ann Eder

Susan Farkas

Nina V. Fedoroff

Raymond C. Fletcher

Julie D. Forbush*

William T. Golden*

Crawford H. Greenewalt*

Margaretta Greenewalt*

David C. Hardy

Mrs. P. Edgar Hare

Gary K.* and Cary S. Hart

Caryl P. Haskins*

Robert and Margaret Hazen

Richard E. Heckert*

Henrietta W. Hollaender*

Neil Hurwitz

Paul A. Johnson*

Paul and Carolyn Kokulis

Mary G. Laufenberg

Nancy Lee

Gilbert and Karen Levin*

Barbara C. Martin

Al* and Honey Nashman

Charles J. and Virginia E. Peterson

Alexander Pogo*

Elizabeth M. Ramsey*

Holly M. Ruess

Allan R. Sandage*

Frederick Schwarzenbach and Leslie Prussia

Ron Scott~

Leonard Searle*

Maxine and Daniel Singer

Frank N. Stanton*

Fay M. Stetzer*

John R. Thomas, Ph.D.

Ian Thompson

Hatim A. Tyabji

William M. White

Robert and Roberta Young


~New Member

Annual Giving

(Gifts received between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022)

Fish teem around a coral reef

Carnegie Champions

Carnegie Champions are donors who contribute $10,000 or more annually to the Institution within the fiscal year. Members of this special community enhance the work of Carnegie researchers within our three divisions through their philanthropic support and by connecting directly with our scientists. Their contributions enable our scientists to channel their intellectual courage, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit to achieve the next big discovery. We are proud to recognize these bold and loyal donors who make supporting science among their top philanthropic values.

$100,000 to $999,999


Herbert A. Dropkin*

Stephen and Janelle Fodor

Virginia Johns

Gilbert and Karen Levin*


$10,000 to $99,999


Craig and Barbara Barrett

Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan

Cathy Colloff

Alice S. Coulombe

John Crawford

Melanie Cuellar

John P. de Neufville

Sally De Witt

Michael A. Duffy

Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum

Simon and Charlotte Harrison

Charles Bowditch Hunter

Thomas and Jessica Korzenecki

Douglas E. Koshland

Mer G. Laufenberg*

Michael T. Long

Julia Sever Lytle

John D. Macomber

Christine McCarthy and Michael McCormick

Nentcho Nentchev

Charles J. and Virginia E. Peterson

Ray and Meredith Rothrock

Laura and Carlton Seaver

Stephen Shectman

Jean and Sidney* Silber

Bharti Temkin

David and Catherine Thompson

Ian Thompson

Matthew Weitzman

Michael G. & C. Jane Wilson


What Our Donors Say

Basic research fosters a path to answer human questions: Are we alone? How did we get here? Where is our place in the universe? Carnegie Science excels at basic research from the microbial level to exoplanets.

Brice Eldridge

My support of the Carnegie Observatories means the world to me. It's my way of sustaining scientific exploration and uncovering the mysteries of the universe. I believe in the power of knowledge and want to be a small part of the incredible discoveries that lie ahead.

Ron Scott

I have had a life-long passion for astronomy and a desire to understand and keep abreast of several scientific disciplines. When I attended my first Carnegie lecture, I knew I had found 'my people.' Carnegie is a cause that I support as generously as I can because it has added so much richness to my life.

Shirley Ross
Brice Eldridge
Ron Scott and friend at November 2022 Board of Trustees dinner
Shirley Ross and  Friend

Other Individual Giving

$1,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (4)

Louis G. Arnold

Robert and Lynne Barker

Charlotte S. Barus

Philip Beachy and Katrin Andreasson

Richard and Kathleen Becker

Charles Bestor

Peter C. Brockett and Laureen B. Chang

Donald and Linda Brown

Albert S. Colman

Rita Colwell

Gary Conrad and Charlotte Streng

John Cross

William S. Dickey

Brack and Betty Duker

Samuel and Barbara Dyer

Jo Ann Eder

Sandra and Andrew Faber

Douglas M. Fambrough III

Eric J. Fearon

Oscar and Toby Fitzgerald

Marilyn L. Fogel* and Christopher W. Swarth

Stuart Gerson and Pamela Somers

Thomas and Josephine Greeley

David L. Greenewalt

Stanley R. Hart

William K. Hart

Tracy Hauri

Marc Hersh

Sandra Hess

Mark Holdsworth

Rush D. Holt and Margaret Lancefield

Toby M. Horn

Eric and Jill Hubbell

Eric Isaacs and Linda Goldwyn

Mary Jacobs

Theodore and Jacqueline Johnson

Peter Cooper Kellogg

Richard and Karen Kertzner

Bill Key

Paul* and Carolyn Kokulis

Richard and Lisa Kornblith

Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald

Katherine N. Lapp

Brigitte D. Linz

Haozhe Liu

Tina Lyon

Michael J. MacDermott

Gary and Phoebe Mallard

James Mattingly and Judith Shure

Mary E. Maxon, PhD

Dennis McKearin and Rosemarie Rinn

Michael Miller

Michael B. Moran

Charles G. Myers

H. Richard Naslund

Dr. and Mrs. Armand P. Neukermans

George F. Ohrstrom

Farhan Panthaki

Ralph and Mary Perry

Dr. Jan Marie Aramini and Michael Pettersen

Sheldon and Debora Presser

Jeffery and Dana Puschell

Cary Queen

Aparajit Raghavan and Satyashree Srikanth

Benjamin E. Richter

Katherine Roman

Cristián Samper

Charles Schmitz

Frederick Schwarzenbach and Leslie Prussia

William and Glenna Shawn

David Singer and Diana Kapp

Paul So

Jordan Sorensen and Erik Lin-Greenberg

Randall Speck and Samantha Nolan

David N. Spergel

The Paul & Dottie Foundation

Rebecca Stecker

Michael Stein and Judy Rhinestine

Christopher Stone

Douglas K. Struck

Tetsuo Takanami

Michael W. Thacher and Rhonda L. Rundle

John R. Thomas, Ph.D.

The Thornton Foundation

Scott B. Tollefsen

Peter E. van Keken

Marshall Wais

Michael J. Walter

Alan Wang

Mark Welsh

Robert Williamson and Caryl McNeilly

Margaret D. Woodring

Robert and Roberta Young


Under $1,000

Anonymous (6)

George Abdo

Carmen Aguilar

Jagannadham and Lalita Akella

Donald J. Albers

Paul and Leigh Albert

Patricia Alireza and Ghassan Alireza

Larry Allen

Robert Alschuler

Jacqueline Apel

Joseph P. Ardizzi

John Arganian

Lawrence and Susan Artes

John and Michele Arthur

Arnold Ashcraft

Lynnette Asselin

Ulanda Aung

Andrew Avrick

Cheryl A. Bantz

Benjamin G. Barbin

Ann and Olin Barrett

Gerald Barton

William A. Bassett

Michelle Battle

Emile J. Bayle

Michael Bearfoot

Richard Beggs

Harvey E. Belkin

Leila Belkora

Lyndsay Benedict

Richard J. Bergemann and H. Christy Bergemann

L. Elizabeth Bertani

Anthony and Clare Binley

Henry C. Black

Charles F. Bolden, Jr.

Tom I. Bonner

Christian Borillo

Daniel H. Borinsky

Kurt R. Borski

Philip Bourdillon and Nancy Martin

Avery Boyce

Dody and Tommy Brager

Rossella Brevetti

Alison Brooks

Charles and Lucille Brown

William L. Bryan

Dale Burger

James E. Burke

Jerome Burstein

Donald M. Burt

Henry Butcher

Julee Butler

Michele Byrnes

Doug and Linda Cahill

John A.R. Caldwell

Kan Cao

Carol Laikin Carpenter

Francis S. Carr

Dana Carroll

Edward Celarier and Gail Yano

Kenneth M. Chick

Glenn Chinery

Ronald A. Chong

Ida Chow

Gregory Clark

Paul S. Clark

William Cleveland

Michael P. Cohen

John R. and Annette W. Coleman

Christine Collins and Dana Berliner

Dean Collins

David Conover

John and Bette Cooper

Richard and Margery Coppola

Edward Cornfeld

Ronald M. Costell

Janet Crampton

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Crotty

Martin Czigler

Stewart Allan Daniels, MD and Nancy Joy Daniels

Owen and Margo Davies

John E. Davis and Bonnie Freeman

Nicholas and Lynn Davis

Peter and Jacqueline Davis

Igor Dawid and Keiko Ozato

Carl and Judith Dawson

Benjamin Dayman

Ellen Dayton

Ken and Jacquelyn* de Graaf

Vannia De La Cuba

George Delahunty

Cristine del Amo

Wendy De Los Reyes

Campbell DeMallie and Katherine Van Sickle

David H. and Kunie F. DeVorkin

John F. Dilley

Matt Disen

Jeffrey L. Doering

Laura D. Dominguez

Scot Donato

Janice Dunlap

Richard Earley

Christopher Edwards

David H. Eggler

Seth and Marion Eisen

William and Judith Eisinger

Brice and Margaret Eldridge

Matthew Eldridge

Frank C. Eliot

Bennett Ellenbogen

Bryan and Phyllis Ellickson

Dylan Ellsworth

Charles P. Emerson, Jr.

Jay S. Epstein

Brian Eriksen and Carlos Muralles

Mark Evans

William B. Fagan

Ernest and Cynthia Falke

John E. Farhood

John D. Fassett

Gail Fisher

Scott J. Fitzgerald

Juan Carlos Flores

Carolina Flores-Helizon

Michael Flumian

Gary Fong

Katherine Fong

Robert and Carole Fontenrose

Margaret Forbes

John Fournelle

Michelle Fox

Laurence W. Fredrick

Linda R. Freeman

Richard and Cheryl Freeman

Bevan M. French

John D. Gaffey, Jr.

James C. Gaither

Rita Gaylin

William and Barbara Geffen

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Gelb

Mattia Gellera

Glen Gerada and Kathleen Burger

Richard Gerber

Thomas Gertmenian and Sally Barngrove

M. Charles Gilbert

Kirsten and Oliver Gildersleeve

Lawrence Giles

William and Gayle Glauz

Christopher R. Glein

Eitan Glinert and Laura Lacombe

Ken Globus

Gabriel Goldberg

Kenneth Golding

Paul Gramstad

Barbara Graves and Robert W. Schackmann

Bruce Green

Catherine Green

Michael V. Green

Frederick D. Greenewalt

John D. Greenhill

Annette Greer

Philip and Judith Grimley

John and Deborah Guest

Ryan Gutierrez

Herbert* and Liliane Haas

Dr. Denise Hagan and Grant Frederick

William and Dorothy Hagar

Catherine L. Haight

James T. Haight

Marylee H. Hair-Tinsley

Richard and Elizabeth Hallberg

Bret D. Hampton

Joseph Haney

Bradley Hanson and Rhett Judice

Richard Harps

David L. Harris

Lisa W. Harter

Shan Hays

Sandra Hayward

James D. Heinz

Julian Heller

Paul Henderson

John Hennigan

Brian and Yoshiko Henslee

George A. Herbert, Jr.

John and Ann Hess

Samuel K. and Barbara L. Himmelrich

William H. and Patricia G. Hohwiesner

Craig Holbrook

Kory Homuth

Julianna Horvath

Léo Houziaux

Edward Hurwitz

Neil Hurwitz

Robert Ihsen

Stefan Jaeger

Colonel Jack C. James, USMC (Ret.)

Eileen M. Janas

Beverly J. Johnson

Leonard Johnson and Martha Weiss

Peter and Mary Johnson

Sheila D. Jones

Anne Kallfisch

Kenneth J. Kallfisch

Darius and Carol Kanga

Peter and Jane Katona

John Keiser

Robert and Miriam Kellaway

Thomas and Ann Kelsall

Maria Kendall

John Kester and Katherine O'Kester

Marguerite J. Kingston

M.B. Kirkham

Jane Kluttz

Melanie Knutsen

David C. Koo

Kirk T. Korista

G. Gary Kowalczyk

Charles M. Kramer

Jonathan Kranz

Audrey S. Krause

Virginia B. Kriho

Danuta Krotoski

Tom Kuchenberg

Steven and Nancy L'Hernault

Ethel Laczko

Jon M. Landenburger

Roger Lang

Jorn Larsen-Basse

Robert and Marjorie Lawrence

Samuel A. and Mary M. Lawrence

Kurt Lawson and Jill Feasley

George Lazarus

Harold H. Lee

Matthew Lee

Stuart Lending

Jules M. Lerner

Alan E. Levin

Kathleen D. Lewis

George W. Liao

Jon Lindberg

Diane B. Link

Erik N. Littleton

Felix J. Lockman

Robert and Eileen Loeb

Gerald P. Lorentz

Christopher and Catherine Loretz

Glenn MacCullough

Alec Machiels and Sarah Bennison

Gary S. Madonna

Steven R. Majewski

Bernard M. Malloy

Kathleen A. Malone

Murli H. Manghnani

Stephen and Sally Maran

Gerard Marandino

Barbara C. Martin

Lani Martinez Sinfield

Mario and Nancy Bennett Mateo

James M. and Roxane Mattinson

Sally Mauerman

David Mauriello

Robert H. and Dorothy A. McCallister

Robert McClelland

Mary McComb

Dennis and Janet McCormick

Francis McCubbin

Jim McDermott and Cynthia Kurtz

Ann McElwain

Diane McLean

D. Joel and Mary Mellema

Pallavi Menon

Mark and Debbie Menzer

Natasha Metzler

Robert Meyer and Nancy Valentine

John J. Michels

Bruce Miller

Dennis F. Miller

Mary Miller

Stuart J. Miller

William G. Minarik

Richard M. Mitterer

David and Gloria Mog

Quadri D. Mogaji

Rosemary Monagan

John Moore

Joseph F. Moore

John Morrow

Robert A. Morse

John W. Mothersole

Gary G. Mrenak

Seanan Murphy

Bruce L. Murrie

Ralph H. Nafziger

Rodney and Pamela Nakamoto

Daniel Neal

Michael A. Newkirk and Olivia P. Garfield

Phillip and Sonia Newmark

Samuel T. Nicholson

Niels Nielsen

John Ray Nooncaster

Jeffrey B. Norman

Donald B. Novotny

Paul G. Nyhus

Michael and Carol Oberdorfer

Richard and Grace Obermann

David Odell

Augustus Oemler, Jr.

Kathie L. Olsen

Peter and Janyce Olsen

Mark F. Osborne

John H. and Roberta Overholt

Raymond and Bette Ann Page

Kristen Palumbo

Ben and Irene Pandit

Gary and Julie Pantiskas

Linda Parshall

Pratik Patel

Robert and Carol Pearcy

Niels M. Pedersen

Trish Peebles

George H. Pepper

Nicholas Perkins

John Petricciani

Marc and Brenda Pfeiffer

Eric Philburn

Stephen Pierce

Elizabeth A. Piotrowski

Emil Polisensky

Holly Pollinger

Barbara Elkus and Rodger Poore

John Price and Anne Shoemaker

David Proch

Karen J. Profet

Laura Puckett

Daniel W. Pugh

Sampath Ramaswami

Velimir Randic

R. P. Ranganayaki

Bryan Ranharter

Shirley Raps

J. Martin Ratliff and Carol A. Polanskey

Shirley A. Rawson

John Rectenwald and Elise Ambrose

Greg Redfern

Thorburn and Helen Reid

Frederick B. Reimer

Stephan and Dori Reissman

Seung Yon Rhee

Robert Riccio

Roslenn M. Richardson

Lisa Richter

Melinda Risolo

Harry and Grace Rissetto

Faye Rivkin

Don Roache

Ruth N. Robbins

Edward Robichaud

Susan Rodgers

Ingrid R. Rose

Suzanne and Irving Rosenthal

Anne Gorelick Rosenwald

Dr. Shirley M. Ross

Stuart Rubens and Laura Lewis

Tyler Rullman and Teresa Wilkerson

Raymond E. Ruth

Kristen Rutledge

Stuart Sacks

Lawrence E. Sager

Alexander Sandra

Charisse Santillan

Kenneth V. Saunders

Kathy Sawyer

Ted A. Scambos

Gerald Scheinman and Marsha Seidelman

Albert and Sandra Schlachtmeyer

Kevin C. Schlaufman

Christianne Schoedel and John Segal

Robert L. Schulte

François Schweizer

Jock Scott

Matthew P. Scott

Ross S. Selvidge

Brian Sesterhenn

Ralph G. Setian

Charles and Inez Sharp

Harlan and Beverly Sherwat

John Sheski

Billy J. Shilling

Carl Shoolman

Fred Shoup

Shaukat M. Siddiqi

Stephanie Sigala and James Rhodes

Martin Silfen

Randolph and Diane Sim

Sharon Simkin

Howard and Nancy Simms

Royale Simms

Mary Ellen Simon

Stephanie Smilay

Granville Smith

Robert C. Smith

David E. Snead

James Somers

Steven S. Spaulding

Allan Spradling and Edie Stern

Michael Starzak

William Staton

David Steffen and Susan Ohara

John L. Stiff

Lars Stixrude and Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni

Christopher Paul Stoppa

Neil and Leslie Straus

David Straw

Lucy Summers

Peter Tague and Rhea Smith

Wan-Ning Tan

Barbara M. Taylor

Colin Taylor

Leslie C. Taylor

William L. Taylor

Thomas M. Tekach

Richard E. Tenney, Jr.

Ralph and Roberta Terkowitz

Diane K. Teske

William Topper

Sally June Tracy and Matthew Graham

Martin Trees and Kristen Olson

Albert and Virginia Tucker

Joseph R. Harris and Cynthia Uleman

John Ulmer and Ann Marie Lee

Mark Uretsky and Marian Gordon

Del Uthman

Dhiru Vadodaria

Lesly Valentin

Robert S. Vance, Jr.

Anne M. Vaughan

Dr. David Velinsky and Dr. Susan Johntz

John Veselka

Katharine Villard

Daniel and Eloise Vitiello

Cynthia Wagner and Stephen Miller

Douglas and Ellen Wallis

Kelly Walters

Zhou Wang and Xiaoyan Cai

Dave Warner

Richard Wattis

Tom Wayne

Skyler Weaver

Bill Weimar

Alycia Weinberger and Todd Rosentover

Gloria Weissberg

Barbara A. Wenger

Judith M. White

William M. White

David G. Whittingham

Peter H. Wick

Ameliann Williams

James E. Williams

Matthew Williamson

Stewart and Margaret Wills

Adam Wilson

James W. Wolcott

Neal L. Wood

David and Julianne Worrell

David and Ingrid Wrausmann

Roy Wyscarver and Ann Bryant

Henry A. Yost

Richard S. Young and Bonnie M. Beamer

Alessandro Zanello and Maria Elena Gutierrez

Robert A. Zarzar

Matt and Kelly Zehnder

Elizabeth Anne Zimmer

Timothy A. Zimmerlin

Foundations and Corporations

$100,000 to $999,999

The Ahmanson Foundation*

The Ambrose Monell Foundation

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation

The Brinson Foundation

Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research

Mt. Cuba Astronomical Foundation

$10,000 to $99,999

The Abell Foundation, Inc.

Carnegie Institution of Canada

John Templeton Foundation

Joy in Blue Foundation

The Kavli Foundation

The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation

The McMurtry Family Foundation

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Richard W. Higgins Charitable Foundation

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

$500 to $9,999

Champion Technology Services

Dick Family Trust

Kramer Family Foundation

Society for Developmental Biology

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation

Gifts In Honor and In Memoriam

In Memory of Dr. L. Thomas Aldrich

Stanley R. Hart

In Honor of Dr. Carol Alexander

Scott J. Fitzgerald

In Memory of Mr. Walter Bantz

Cheryl A. Bantz

In Honor of Dr. Joseph Berry

Lawrence Giles

In Memory of Judith Berliner

Christine Collins and Dana Berliner

In Honor of Dr. Guillermo Blanc

Robert Alschuler

In Memory of Ms. Arsenia Bisquera Borillo

Christian Borillo

In Memory of Dr. Winslow Briggs

John Cross

William and Judith Eisinger

Seung Yon Rhee

In Honor of Dr. Donald Brown

Charles P. Emerson, Jr.

Richard and Elizabeth Hallberg

John and Sally Heyn

Samuel K. and Barbara L. Himmelrich

In Memory of Dr. Louis Brown

Louis G. Arnold

In Honor of Ms. Valerie Butler

Sandra Hess

In Memory of Dr. Lauren Colloff

Melinda Risolo

In Memory of Dr. Gordon Davis

Harvey E. Belkin

In Honor of Dr. Igor Dawid

Richard and Elizabeth Hallberg

In Memory of Dr. John M. Dick

Jane M. Dick

In Memory of Ms. Collette Ellsworth

Dylan Ellsworth

In Honor of Dr. Douglas McIntosh Fambrough, Jr.

Douglas M. Fambrough III

In Memory of Dr. Marilyn Fogel

Carmen Aguilar

Beverly J. Johnson

Dr. David Velinsky and Dr. Susan Johntz

Alycia Weinberger and Todd Rosentover

In Honor of Dr. Joseph Gall

Robert and Eileen Loeb

In Honor of Dr. Peter Gao

Hao Zhang

In Memory of Mr. Michael E. Gellert

Alec Machiels and Sarah Bennison

In Honor of James T. Haight

Catherine L. Haight

In Memory of Dr. Erik H. Hauri

Tracy Hauri

William G. Minarik

In Honor of Dr. Robert and Mrs. Margaret Hazen

Fred Shoup

In Memory of Dr. Edwin Hubble

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Crotty

In Memory of Mr. Terrone Jasper

Ida Chow

Quadri Mogaji

Faye Rivkin

In Memory of Mr. Matthew Johns

Ronald A. Chong

In Memory of Mr. Ferenc Laczko

Ethel Laczko

In Memory of Mr. Donald McClelland

Karen J. Profet

In Memory of Dr. Paul W. Merrill

Léo Houziaux

In Memory of Germaine Mirzaoff

Janice Dunlap

In Memory of Ms. Marilyn Morgan

Larry Allen

In Honor of Dr. John Mulchaey

Ann and Olin Barrett

Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan

Richard and Lisa Kornblith

In Honor of Dr. Emily Osborne

Mark F. Osborne

In Honor of Dr. Karine Prado

Robert Alschuler

In Memory of MR. David Martin Richman

Linda R. Freeman

In Honor of Dr. Diana Roman

Katherine Roman

In Memory of Dr. Vera Rubin

David C. Koo

George H. Pepper

In Memory of Dr. Allan Sandage

Léo Houziaux

Steven R. Majewski

In Honor of Mr. Matthew Shull

Vickie Watson

In Honor of Dr. Maxine Singer

David Singer and Diana Kapp

In Memory of Mr. John G. Stoppa

Christopher Paul Stoppa

In Honor of Dr. Johanna K. Teske

Diane K. Teske

In Memory of Mr. Peter Ault Tinsley

Marylee H. Hair-Tinsley

In Honor of Dr. Ray Weymann

Kirk T. Korista

In Memory of Lieutenant Colonel F. P. Woodson

Richard and Karen Kertzner

In Honor of Mr. Bo Xue

Robert Alschuler

In Memory of Dr. Hatten S. Yoder

H. Richard Naslund

In Honor of Dr. Yixian Zheng

Kan Cao

Marc Hersh