We Are on the Path

The Carnegie Institution for Science is committed to ensuring that our work and workforce reflects our society.  Just as scientific discovery is a crucial component of our national character, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are key aspects of our work at Carnegie. Exploring the most intriguing scientific questions and advancing our understanding of the world around us requires innovation and creativity. These attributes are amplified when systemic barriers and cultural norms are broken down. 

Our mission is “to encourage, in the broadest and most liberal manner, investigation, research, and discovery and the application of knowledge to the improvement of [hu]mankind...” To achieve this, we need a workforce that is is actively striving to advance equity, inclusivity, belonging, and accessibility. 

Today, our leadership is reconstituting Carnegie's commitment to DEI and embarking on the creation of equitable opportunities, removing barriers to success, collaborating across departments, educating and training our workforce, and leveraging evidence-based strategies to achieved mission success. 

Sue Rhee and two postdocs check out seedlings in the greenhouse

Our Commitment

"We are undertaking a concerted effort to become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Institution, in every way and at every level. We also are pledging to take action within the broader scientific community to ensure that the lessons we have learned are disseminated, understood, and embraced throughout the American scientific enterprise."

- Carnegie President Eric D. Isaacs

Meet Our DEI Manager

DEI Spotlight

Carnegie aims to foster a workplace culture that is welcoming to all and build a community with a strong sense of belonging. To advance this goal, we have undertaken a number of initiatives under the DEI umbrella. 

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We continue to carefully review all of our organizational policies and procedures to ensure that they follow best practices and are written in the most equitable and inclusive manner. This effort  includes the rollout of a new code of conduct and an anti-bullying policy, which were designed to help create a more inclusive culture.

Carnegie has also launched an independent, confidential ombuds program, which provides employees with a safe space to receive guidance on effective and preventative strategies and actionable recommendations to address issues of bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

CASE Summer Stars students working in the lab on a group activity.

We have also partnered with Dr. Audrey Murrell, Associate Dean of the University of Pittsburgh's College of Business Administration, to support new and current efforts in mentoring members of our community across all career stages and functional areas.

As part of Carnegie's effort to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond the doors of our Institution and throughout our surrounding communities, we also launched a DEI mini-grant program to fund small-scale projects and collaborations such as community conversations about DEI, creative installations and performances, school and community college outreach efforts, and partnerships with  Historically Black Colleges and Universities and minority serving institutions. 

The inaugural class of mini-grant recipients ran the gamut of eligible ideas from art exhibitions to community building to student support and school outreach programs. Many of the grants focus on improving access to STEM programs and activities, such as supporting joint internships with the Carnegie Academy for Science Education in Washington, D.C..

Summer students interviewed by local news

Other grants focused on the intersection of art and science, such as banners showcasing the work of historic Black plant researchers, film screenings of science-related movies, and the creation of dark matter visualizations. 

Although may of the projects were community facing, others looked inward to strengthening relationships between cohorts of employees with a lunchtime conversation and trust-building program. 

EPL hike for Postdoc Appreciation Week

Another major initiative that focused on the growth and development of Carnegie employees was the 2021 creation of an Institution-wide DEI seminar series. Called "Carnegie Matters," these hour-long sessions facilitated discussion on basic DEI concepts, workplace belonging, implicit bias, recruiting and retention tactics, mentoring, and more. Featured speakers including luminaries from throughout the social sciences such as Beverly Tatum, Kecia Thomas, Mahzarin Banaji, and others. 

This ongoing effort is a great complement to the professional development and mentoring programs geared toward Carnegie's postdoctoral fellows, as well as the DEI discussions that take place as part of the Carnegie Astrophysics Summer Student Internship (CASSI) and Earth and Planets Laboratory Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (SURI) programs.