Dark background with an illuminated coral
Dark background with an illuminated coral

Biosphere Sciences & Engineering

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Carnegie's newest scientific division, Biosphere Sciences & Engineering, is devoted to disrupting the traditional, siloed perspective on research in the life sciences and pursuing an integrated approach to solving humanity's greatest challenges.

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Life sciences on the cutting edge
Adaptation to Climate Change

How do individual species respond to stressful conditions, and can build community resilience to help ensure survival?

Atmospheric Science & Energy
Wind Turbine

It is crucial that we develop a deep understanding of the global mechanisms underpinning climate change. 

Developmental Biology & Human Health
Mouse Oocytes - Banner Image

We elucidate the cellular and molecular processes underpinning a variety of health concerns.


We are now entering a time of scientific discovery unparalleled in our history.

Model System Development
Xenia Coral

Model organisms help us gain a deep understanding of biological mechanisms.

Nested Ecosystems
Fruit Fly gut

Both plants and animals require intimate, life-long, and co-evolved relationships with the microbial world to maintain their health.

Photosynthetic cells under a microscope

How can plant science help us solve many of society’s most-pressing challenges?

Hawaiian bobtail squid

We are revealing the molecular mechanisms underpinning a variety of symbiotic relationships.

Water Quality & Scarcity
Ice on Lake Baikul

Climate change is putting rivers and coastal environments at risk of water quality impairments and endangering coral reefs.