Founded in Philanthropy

Andrew Carnegie founded the institution in 1902 with a $10 million gift.


Team Carnegie

More than 1,500 individual donors and foundations support Carnegie annually.


Legacy of Support

Over the past 15 years, this generosity has totaled $215 million.

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Andrew Carnegie founded this institution in 1902 as a home for world-transforming scientific discoveries. Our mission—to advance investigation, research, and discovery, and apply that knowledge to the improvement of humankind—is now more urgent than ever. An independent research institution, we provide our scientists with the flexibility to seize opportunities as they arise and define new fields.

 Today, the generous support of our donors advances our founder’s legacy of philanthropy and continues to drive discovery. From genomes to ecosystems and from planets to the cosmos, our investigators are tackling the biggest questions of our time. What are the origins of our universe? How did life emerge? How can we combat the devastation of climate change?

The pursuit of answers—fueled by our scientist’s curiosity, intellect, and creativity—has resulted in substantial breakthroughs, including Hubble’s discovery that the universe is expanding, Richter’s development of a seismic scale to measure earthquakes, and Rubin’s confirmation of dark matter, among many others.

When you give to Carnegie, you are supporting the next generation of scientific luminaries as they probe the mysteries of our planet, the impact human activity has on our fragile ecosystems, our place in the cosmos, and the synthesis of molecules that make life possible. 

Ways to Give

Where to Give

Diana Roman doing fieldwork in Iceland. Photo courtesy of Carnegie President Eric D. Isaacs.

Greatest Needs

Support for the Carnegie Fund provides financial flexibility to meet immediate needs and seize opportunities that may arise. This could span from seed funding for novel research directions to jumping on of-the-moment fieldwork opportunities.

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Our Science

We are now entering a time of scientific discovery unparalleled in our history. This new age brings a convergence of trends in scientific practice and technology that allows interdisciplinary research to thrive across all three of our scientific divisions—Biosphere Sciences and Engineering, the Earth and Planets Laboratory, and the Observatories.

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A partially uunderwater shot with green plant life in shallow water with a blue and cloudy sky up above.

Postdoctoral Support

Carnegie’s vibrant and successful early career programs are at the heart of our mission. By supporting our growing community of up-and-coming scientific innovators, you will enable the next generation of researchers to make a decisive impact on the scientific endeavor. Carnegie is a top-tier training ground for the next generation of scientific leaders

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Group of five young students around a table

Outreach & Education

Carnegie maintains a suite of public outreach programs designed to interest the general public in scientific investigation; provide educational activities and resources for elementary, middle, and high school students; and strengthen undergraduate curricula.

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Caption: Genetic diversity in quaking Aspens can be seen from differences in autumn leaf yellowing. Photograph is courtesy of Benjamin Blonder.

Special Funds

Some members of our community have established special funds to support their research interests in honor or memory of a loved one. Donors have the option to direct their gifts to any of these named funds. Should you wish to create a new fund, please contact us at giving@carnegiescience.edu

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