The generations of scientists trained and mentored by Dr. Gall, who then went on to make significant breakthroughs of their own, have only deepened his already massive impact on the discipline. In particular, Dr. Gall is often noted for his longtime mentorship of women in science at a time when it was a little-to-never-discussed concept. Many of these women went on to be recognized with some of the world’s greatest scientific honors.

In addition to the Lasker Award, Dr. Gall is also a recipient of Columbia University’s Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize (together with his former mentee Elizabeth Blackburn and her former mentee Carol Greider, both Nobel Laureates) and the American Society of Cell Biology’s top honor, the E.B. Wilson Medal.

Watch: Joseph Gall Retirement Symposium (2020).

Joseph Gall: Retirement Symposium - Full Video

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