Empowering the next generation of science lovers and STEM professionals

In the city of Washington, D.C., science lovers from middle school, all the way through high school and beyond, are empowered through the Carnegie Academy for Science Education's (CASE) transformative outreach programs. CASE was founded in 1989 by Carnegie’s President Emerita Maxine Singer, and since then has served more than 800 students and 1,000 teachers in the nation’s capital—bringing fun and accessible science education to classrooms. 


CASE Summer Stars students working in the lab on a group activity.

Saturday mornings at Carnegie’s Broad Branch Road campus are bustling with eager students, who are ready to dive into a world of scientific wonders. This year, middle school students participating in CASE’s flagship program, First Light,  embarked on a cosmic journey, discovering a world of exoplanets beyond our own Solar System; studied jet propulsion, examining the barriers to space travel and the innovative methods required to overcome them; and embarked on an extraordinary adventure inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope, gazing up at the night sky, mapping constellations and studying awe-inspiring nebulae and galaxies.


During the summer months, talented young students gather five days a week at Carnegie’s Broad Branch Road campus for the Summer STARS program. Supported by the Washington, D.C., Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program, these participants embarked on a journey of scientific discovery and career exploration. During the 2022 program, they gained real-world college and workplace readiness skills while also learning biotechnology and laboratory research techniques. Their interactions with Carnegie scientists and STEM professionals provided invaluable insights and inspiration for their future endeavors.


MUSICA Arizona Teacher Workshop

CASE Internships offer high school students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of science and science education. In the summer of 2022, student interns spent hours conducting lab experiments, preparing biotech kits, and assisting with First Light and other programs. Through their dedication, they learned essential skills, interacted with younger students, and gained insights into potential STEM careers. 

CASE's commitment to excellence extends to teachers as well. In the summer of 2022, the MUSICA Outstanding Teacher Leadership program selected six passionate middle and high school teachers from Arizona, D.C., and Texas to participate in a week of geoscience fieldwork and laboratory experiences around Arizona. The intensive program supplied participants with hands-on knowledge and lesson plan development in the Earth sciences. 

Teachers on a lab tour at Arizona State University as part of a program led by Carnegie's Lara Wagner.

CASE continues to light the path for D.C. students, nurturing their curiosity, and igniting their passion for scientific exploration. For more information about CASE and its outreach programs, please visit https://case.carnegiescience.edu/.