Shaunna Morrison builds on her technical and theoretical background in crystallography, crystal chemistry, and Martian mineralogy, to explore new techniques in multidimensional, multivariate analysis and visualization by employing a range of advanced analytics and machine learning techniques better to understand the complex relationships between Earth and planetary materials, their formational environments through deep time, and their coevolution with the biosphere. 

Morrison is the Co-Director of Carnegie's 4D (Deep Time Data Driven Discovery) Initiative, former Project Manager of the Carnegie-led Deep-Time Data Infrastructure (DTDI), a Co-Investigator of the CheMin X-ray diffraction instrument on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission, a collaborator on the NASA Astrobiology ENIGMA Project, a Co-Investigator of the NASA Astromaterials Data System, and a data contributor and collaborator of the RRUFF Project, including the Mineral Evolution Database (MED), Mineral Properties Database (MPD), and the Evolutionary System of Mineralogy Database (ESMD).




Recent Publications