Sadeghi's professional focus centers primarily on mineral exploration, with a great emphasis on Critical Minerals. His expertise extends to urban and environmental geochemistry, seamlessly integrated with mathematical geosciences (mainly fractal/multifractal modeling and compositional data analysis), GIS, geostatistics, and data analysis. Behnam also has done some research in the field of renewable and sustainable energy (mainly geothermal energy). Given his promising contributions to research in the application of mathematics or informatics in any field of the Earth Sciences, Sadeghi stands as the inaugural recipient of the esteemed International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG) Founders Scholarship Award in the year 2020, in addition to securing the IAMG 2023 Andrei Borisovich Vistelius Research Award.

Exhibiting excellence in his profession in the industry as a senior geologist and consultant, Sadeghi has earned accolades including the titles of Fellow of the Association of Applied Geochemists (FAAG), Fellow of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (FAIG), and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (FAusIMM). Furthermore, he is a lifelong member of IAMG and holds the prestigious distinction of being a Registered Professional Geoscientist (RPGeo) in the domain of Information Geoscience, as recognized by AIG. Behnam has undertaken multifarious projects spanning a multitude of countries, including but not limited to Sweden, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, China, and his home base of Australia.

Sadeghi is the Associate Editor for several reputable journals, including Ore Geology Reviews and Geochemistry. He also serves on the Editorial Board of Earth Science Informatics and Minerals, further demonstrating his commitment to advancing scholarly discourse.

A hallmark of Behnam's professional trajectory is establishing a far-reaching and impactful research network. This network comprises distinguished researchers, corporate entities, and government personnel situated across various global locales, including Australia, the UK, Canada, the US, Peru, Iran, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Chile, and China. Additionally, his network extends to the Geological Surveys of nations such as Australia, Sweden, Cyprus, Iran, Ireland, and Canada. This extensive network not only underscores his prolific publication output but also plays a pivotal role in securing external funding to further propel his research endeavors.