Program Overview:

Continuing in the tradition of Carnegie Science’s goal to motivate innovative and high-risk, high-reward interdisciplinary science, we have established of a new type of seed grants for postdocs. These new awards stem from the understanding that some of the best new ideas are unfunded and require a kick start to stimulate the work. The Postdoctoral Innovation Fund program was designed to encourage exploration of compelling new research directions for postdocs. This rapid-deployment of up to a $5,000 requires a brief project description, no longer than one page, including a rough budget. The funding will be made available for immediate use and can be used for research activities, such as supplies, but is not meant for salary or travel. These awards are intended to stimulate and help spark new research directions. Risky and exploratory interdisciplinary research projects are strongly encouraged.

There is no deadline for these new seed awards, they can be submitted via email to Deputy for Research Advancement Anat Shahar at any time. The money should be made available within two-to-three weeks of receipt of the project description. The only criterion for evaluating the proposal is that it conforms to the philosophy of these awards. It is expected that the scientists will spend the money within six months. A project outcome report will be due 60 days later.