A good place to begin research in our archives is with our online databases, located here:


and with our online finding aids


For the images database, please note the copyright and citations to help determine the usability of images.

Also see the lists of publications here

<http://www.ciw.edu/publications/booksoutofprint> and here


The following web site has scanned versions of many of our publications. The site can be automatically searched.


You might also try Google Books


Our Yearbooks are available online here:


Because of staff limitations, we are unable to make more than a few pages of copies from our files, nor are we able to carry out research ourselves.

Of course, you are welcome to visit the archives in person at 1530 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005. Our regular office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. All you need do is give enough advance notice that we can be sure someone will be here to help you. If you find files of particular interest, let us know so that we can pull them before your arrival.

There are additional archival holdings at our Broad Branch Road campus in northwestern Washington, DC, where our Department of Terrestrial Magnetism and Geophysical Laboratory are co-located. Shaun Hardy is the librarian there who administers the archives. His email is shardy (at) carnegiescience.edu.

Please let us know any other questions or ways we might help.


For further questions contact John Strom at (202)939-1101; jstrom (at) carnegiescience.edu.