Scientists at the Observatories meet nearly daily for wide-ranging discussions on new and in-progress science at arXiv Tea.


Think “discussion” rather than a formal “talk”: Observatories scientists and visitors are encouraged to discuss new results or in-progress work in any way one finds useful, except slides: from scrolling through papers on-screen to leading an analog chat or walking through new results on the whiteboard. Tea is meant to stimulate discussion of the literature that wouldn’t happen otherwise and we hope that it does!

Papers can optionally be voted on and saved for future discussion at our benty-fields journal club page. All folks affiliated with the Observatories are encouraged to join: to find us, go to and search “Carnegie Tea”; or click the link below.

Benty-Fields open_in_new


Tea nominally takes place every M/W/Th/Fri 10:30-11:00 AM; see the calendar below for an updated accounting of special guests and adjustments to this schedule:


Tea takes place in the VizLab and remote folks can join over zoom; email the tea organizers below for the zoom link.

Notes for visitor hosts

If you or someone you know would like to present at Tea, please email the organizers (below) for scheduling. And please note the format description and ‘no slides’ rule above. open_in_new

Previous Organizers (since 2022)

Drew Newman, Henrique Reggiani, Nima Chartab, Allison Matthews, Meng Gu, Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein