Carnegie’s Shahar honored by American Geophysical Union

schedule 2 minutes
Shahar is recognition for exemplifying excellence in the geosciences.

Washington, DC—Carnegie geochemist Anat Shahar, who probes the formation, evolution, and interior dynamics of Earth and other rocky planets, has been selected to give the Reginald Daly Lecture at the American Geophysical Union’s annual Fall Meeting in December.  

In honor of its namesake’s contributions to understanding the forces that shaped our planet, recipients for this recognition are selected for exemplifying excellence in the geosciences.

Earth and Planets Laboratory Staff Scientist Anat Shahar, also the institution’s Associate Science Deputy, uses a combination of isotope geochemistry and high-pressure, high-temperature experiments to probe the mechanisms underlying the accretion of baby planetesimals from the material surrounding our young Sun, and the formation and differentiation of Earth and other rocky planets.  

Her lecture will cover “Experimental Geochemical Insights into Earth’s Evolution.”

Shahar recently spearheaded and is the co-lead of the Atmospheric Empirical, Theoretical, and Experimental, or AEThER project, which is combining observational astronomy, lab-based mimicry of planetary interiors, and computational modeling to pursue a new understanding of planetary habitability. The initiative aims to reveal the geochemical and geophysical dynamics that set the stage for life to arise and thrive on Earth, which could, in turn, inform the search for exoplanetary life.

“Anat’s work encompasses both experimental precision and creative vision for its applications. Her selection for this the Daly Lecture showcases the impact of her work on our understanding of planet formation and evolution and is very well deserved,” said Earth and Planets Laboratory Director Richard Carlson.