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The Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) invites you to join astrobiologist, mineralogist, and author Dr. Robert M. Hazen, for a special presentation entitled, “Minerals: Earth’s Ultimate Time Capsules.” The free public lecture will take place on December 8, 2022, at the Carnegie Institution for Science's Broad Branch Road Campus in NW Washington, D.C.

The presentation will begin at 6:30 PM EST in the Greenewalt Auditorium of the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Broad Branch Road Campus in NW, Washington, DC. Doors open at 6:00 PM EST. There will be light refreshments from 6-6:30 PM EST.

Can't attend in person? Join us virtually via Zoom. Registration is required to attend this event. 

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A large cluster of Garnet-SmokeyQuartz crystals from Tongbei-China

What can minerals tell us about the evolution of our planet?

Earlier this year, a team of Carnegie scientists led by Hazen published a 15-year study detailing the origins and diversity of every known mineral on Earth. This revolutionary body of work is set to reconstruct the history of life on our planet, guide the search for new minerals and ore deposits, predict possible characteristics of future life, and aid the search for habitable exoplanets and extraterrestrial life.

During the talk, you’ll learn how Hazen and his team combine the fields of "mineral evolution" and "mineral informatics" to uncover the secret 4.5-billion-year saga of our planet. Using mineralogy as a lens, Hazen will take guests back in time through many of Earth’s dramatic transformations, driven by physical, chemical, and—based on a growing body of evidence—biological processes.

Meet Bob Hazen

Robert M. Hazen uses newly developed data-science techniques to explore the boundaries of the mineralogical sciences, from mineral physics to biomineralization to mineral evolution. His research, incorporated into more than 400 publications and 25 books, includes high-pressure and temperature crystallography, equations of state and mineral physics, mineral surface chemistry, the roles of minerals in prebiotic chemistry, and the mineralogical co-evolution of the geosphere and biosphere.

In tandem with this expansive Carnegie work, he is also the Clarence Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, Emeritus, at George Mason University.

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Minerals: Earth's Ultimate Time Capsules with Dr. Robert Hazen


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