Carnegie Science partners with The Child Center of NY on mental health awareness campaign

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Carnegie Science is committed to fostering a workplace environment where mental health is prioritized and to educating participants in its outreach and education programs about the importance of mental health care.
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Washington, DC— This World Mental Health Day the Carnegie Institution for Science is proud to announce a partnership with The Child Center of NY as part of the “Kinder, Braver Together” campaign organized by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and the Cotton On Foundation in response to the escalating mental health crisis.

As part of this collaboration—with assistance from elected officials and like-minded partner organizations such as Carnegie Science—The Child Center has pledged to mobilize 10,000 people to complete a free, self-paced, interactive online mental health course and earn a Be There Certificate between now and Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Limited-edition “Kinder, Braver Together” hats and tee-shirts will be gifted to the first 10,000 individuals who complete the course.

 The course was designed by in partnership with Born This Way Foundation to increase mental health literacy and provide young people and their communities with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to safely support those who may be struggling with their mental health.

“We believe that partnerships are essential in our mission to reshape the future of mental health through the ‘Kinder, Braver Together’ campaign,” said Traci Donnelly, CEO of The Child Center. “By joining forces with individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide, we can create a lasting impact on the lives of children and families. This campaign marks just the beginning of our journey towards a more compassionate and accessible mental health landscape. Together, we can overcome challenges and pave the way for a brighter future. Let’s be kinder, braver and make a difference that resonates for generations to come.”

Carnegie Science is committed to fostering a workplace environment where mental health is prioritized and to educating participants in its outreach and education programs about the importance of mental health care. By partnering with The Child Center, we can advance these values throughout our greater Carnegie community of employees and their families, students, and friends.

“In helping to guide Carnegie Science through the compounded societal stresses and cultural upheavals of the last three years, I understand better than ever the importance of mental health on the well-being of a community,” said Carnegie’s Deputy for Research Advancement Anat Shahar.

Through the Institution’s outreach efforts in Washington, D.C., and various California communities—including the Carnegie Academy for Science Education’s many student- and teacher-training programs in the nation’s capital—Carnegie Science will use the Be There Certificate training course help build awareness of the importance of mental health care for everyone.

“As a top-tier research institution, Carnegie Science is committed not only to advancing our wealth of scientific knowledge, but to opening the doors to the next generation of science lovers and STEM professionals through our dedicated outreach, education, and teacher-training initiatives,” said President Eric D. Isaacs. “By joining the ‘Kinder, Braver Together’ campaign, we have an opportunity to weave mental health awareness into our efforts, ensuring that all the students and teachers who participate in our programs are prepared to recognize and seek help for mental health challenges.”  

The Be There Certificate provides a simple and actionable framework, teaching people how to recognize when someone might be struggling, understand their role in supporting that person, and learn how to connect them to the help they need, while also looking after their own mental health. The course is available in English, French, and Spanish, offering universal best practices while diving deeper into the intersections of culture, identity, and social determinants of mental wellness.

“Every day, we witness young people around the world leading and transforming the discussion around mental health and calling for increased resources to support themselves, their peers, and their communities,” said Cynthia Bissett Germanotta, President and Co-Founder of Born This Way Foundation.