b'A Gift for the Future84 One of the most effective ways of supporting the work of theCarnegie Institution is to include the institution in your estateplans. By doing so, you can support cutting-edge, independentscientific research well into the future.Estate gifts are a tangible demonstration of your dedicationto the Carnegie Institution and can potentially generatesignificant tax savings for your estate. These gifts can bedirected to support fellowships, chairs, specific research projects,or other programs and can be additions to the endowment.For additional information, please contact the Office ofAdvancement at 202-939-1145.For Additional InformationSee the Carnegie Website:www.CarnegieScience.edu/supportOr Call:The Office of Advancement202-939-1145Or Write:The Office of AdvancementCarnegie Institution1530 P Street N.W.Washington, DC 20005-1910'