b'Friends, Honors & TransitionsTwo New Venture Grants Awarded64Top shows Peter Driscoll (left) and Sally June Tracy. From left to right at bottom are Sue Rhee, Joe Berry, and Jen Johnson.Images courtesy Carnegie Institution for ScienceThe Office of the President selected two new CarnegieCarnegie Science Venture Grants ignore conventional Venture Grants. Peter Driscoll of the Department of Terrestrialboundaries and bring together cross-disciplinary researchers Magnetism and Sally June Tracy of the Geophysicalwith fresh eyes to explore different questions. Each grant Laboratory were awarded a Venture Grant for their proposalprovides $150,000 support for two years, with the expectation Carbon-rich Super-Earths: Constraining Internal Structureof novel results. The grants are generously supported, in from Dynamic Compression Experiments. Plant Biologys Suepart, by trustee Michael Wilson and his wife Jane and by the Rhee and Global Ecologys Joe Berry and Jen Johnson wereAmbrose Monell Foundation.awarded a Venture Grant for their project Thermo-adaptation of Photosynthesis in Extremophilic Desert Plants.'