b'2018-2019 YEAR BOOKFour More Postdoctoral Innovationand Excellence AwardsCarnegies Postdoctoral Innovation and Excellence (PIE) Awards are made through nominations from the departments and are chosen by the Office of the President. The recipients are awarded a cash prize for their exceptionally creative approaches to science, strong mentoring, and contributing to the sense of campus community.63Maria Drout, theEthan Greenblatt, a seniorHeather Meyer, aMeredith Wilson, a Observatories NASA Hubblepostdoctoral associate at thepostdoctoral fellow atpostdoctoral associate at the Postdoctoral Fellow, receivedDepartment of Embryology,Plant Biology, was awardedDepartment of Embryology, the 10th PIE Award for herreceived the 11th PIE AwardCarnegies 12th PIE Awardwas awarded the 13th PIE scientific teamwork observingfor his major impact onfor her pioneering workAward. Wilson investigated the first-ever glimpse of twobiological science, particularlyto identify the molecularcellular processes regulating neutron stars colliding, whichwith his research identifyingmechanisms that plantsthe absorption and transport was widely covered by thegenetic factors underlyinguse to sense and respond toof dietary fat in vivo using media and initiated a new erafragile X syndrome, the mostseasonal temperatures inoptically clear zebrafish of astronomy. Additionally,common cause of autism. Inorder to regulate floweringlarvae. She realized that Drout is dedicated toaddition, Greenblatt regularlytime and reproduction.zebrafish yolk can be a way to providing graduate studentscontributes to the sense ofShe is also a leader in theidentify abnormalities in lipid with the communicationdepartment communityCarnegie Institution Postdocprocessing and transport. skills that they will needand to the greater BaltimoreAssociation, organizesShe, with collaborators, throughout their careers.community by minglingcommunity events, and sheidentified a mutation in a Drout joined the faculty atscience with socializing, asco-organized and was anprotein essential for moving the University of Toronto ina liaison between postdocsinstructor for the Carnegietriglycerides and other September 2018. and the administration, andWriting Workshop about howlipids, which suggested a as a volunteer for BioEYES,to write and submit scientificnew strategy to develop a Carnegie-run hands-onpapers.treatments for diseases from science program for Baltimoreelevated lipid levels. She also City students and teachers.contributes to outreach and training for zebrafish courses including for BioEYES, the STEM outreach program based at Carnegie.'