b'Friends, Honors & TransitionsI grew up in Bulgaria in a mountainous region with dry summer nights and little light pollutionand very few ways to entertain ourselves. So, at night, we would go outside and look up at the stars. That is really where my passion for astronomy began, looking up at the night sky and wondering. How could you look up and not wonder what is out there?And that wonder grew as I got older, and I realized how little we know about our universeand how much there is to discover. Though my 54 career is not in astronomy, I wanted a way to stay connected to that curiosity and to help others who are doing the research. I began to search for science nonprofits and chose Carnegie Science. The longevity and financial responsibility of the organization gave me confidence that my support is a lasting investment. But what really sets Carnegie apart is that I know by supporting a smaller organization, I can have a bigger direct impact. In some schools or research centers, the scientists are often beholden to a specific agenda and cant deviate if the science is taking them in a different direction. But Carnegie allows their scientists to go where their curiosity takes them, and I believe this Carnegie allows their scientists tois how science truly advances. go where their curiosity takes them,Now I live in New York and when I look up at the sky, I cant see and I believethis is how sciencethe stars. But it gives me great pride and satisfaction to know that I am helping to support some of the smartest and brightest minds truly advances. who are, themselves, peering up to answer some of the biggest Nentcho Nentchev questions humanity has ever known.continued from page 53Albert Getz Greg Goers Sharon Grazier Herbert and Liliane HaasKathleen Gibbons Brent Goette Bruce Green Dr. Denise Hagan andPeter Giguere Javier Goitia Glen Greenberg Grant FrederickM. Charles and Mary Carol Gilbert Jared Gold David L. Greenewalt William and Dorothy HagarMaria T. Gil-del-Real Gabriel Goldberg Laura Greenwold Catherine L. HaightKirsten and Oliver Gildersleeve David and Koon Goldenberg Nanette and Irvin Greif James T. and Patricia A. HaightLawrence Giles John Goldsmith Thomas Griffin John R. HaleMatthew Gillman Mary Helen Goldsmith Helaine Groeger Eric HalleySven F. Girsperger Gail Gomila Robert Groman Teresa HallidayCarla Gladstone Brenton F. Goodrich Thomas and Arlene Gross Elizabeth HamiltonLeslie Glass Madeline Goodwin Jessica Grotenhuis Steven J. HamiltonWilliam and Gayle Glauz Aleksey Gorbachev Pauline Gruber Brett HamsikRebecca Glazer Ingrid Gorman Greg Gurley Monica R. HandlerSusan Gleason Arlene Graber Ilyas Emre Gursoy Joseph HaneyBoris Glebov James S. Graber Sandra Gust Bradley Hanson and Rhett JudiceMegan Glenn Allan* and Margaret Graf Mark Gutierrez David C. HardyEitan Glinert and Laura Lacombe Richard Graham Ryan Gutierrez Mrs. P. Edgar HareKen Globus Paul Gramstad John Guy Thomas and Ruth HarkinFred Glover Barbara Graves and Frank M. Gyngard Dustin HarmanGhezal Gobar Robert W. Schackmann Imre and Nora Gyuk Christian Harriot'