b'2018-2019 YEAR BOOKThrough Carnegie Science, Bill and I have come to see how science can make the world into a wondrous place, and that understanding science doesnt have to be out of reach to the average person. We were invited to a small dinner with Carnegie Science after we made our first donation. We didnt expect much from the dinnerwe assumed, actually, it might be quite dullbut after that night, we were captivated by science and the work of Carnegie. At the dinner we sat with a few of the scientists and had an opportunity to talk with them directly about their work. I didnt know much about astrophysics at the time, and I remember being afraid, at first, to ask a question. But everyone was so53friendly and welcoming that by the end of the night we walked away knowing we had found a supportive community where we could learn a little more about our world. It was an enthralling evening. We were excited about all we were learning, so we made a few connections for Carnegie and invited our friends to learn more about the organization and its work. Time and time again we were impressed with how the scientists and researchers explained complex ideaslike looking back through deep space to the beginning of timein a way that made clear sense. What we know and how we think about space and the universe has been transformed since we first became involved. Some organizations stay out of the public sphere and we never hear from them, but Carnegie is different. Bill and I feel passionately that science and scientificafter that night, we were research should be accessible to the public, exciting our imagination and growingcaptivated by scienceour understanding of our world. It means so much to Bill and me that we have the opportunity to be a part of the fantastic work done here, and we are happy to giveand the work of Carnegie.back in a small way through our support of Carnegie Science.Sandy Krause and Bill FitzgeraldChristine Ehrhart Steven Farber Vick Fisher James C. GaitherKarl Eiholzer and Michele Rhodes John E. Farhood Patrick Fitzgerald Sean GallagherWilliam and Judith Eisinger Stephen Farias Carolina Flores-Helizon David and Carolyn GambrelStephen and Mary Ekker Brent H. Farmer Alex Foley Amanda GannBrice and Margaret Eldridge Joanne Fawcett David C. Fork Joan GantzMatthew Eldridge Eric J. Fearon Jonathan Foster Edgar Garcia RosasMelanie ElLaissi Kristen Fegan Melissa Foster Tom GarinBennett Ellenbogen Frederick M. Feldheim Keara Fox Nathan GarneauBryan and Phyllis Ellickson Nancy Feldman and Damon Siples Thomas Francy Mary L. GarnettConstance B. Elliot Roger Feldman Christine Franklin Neal GarverDaniel Elton Chris Ferenzi Mary Franklin Susanne E. GarveyKarla Wesley and Jeffrey Engels Shavini Fernando Laurence W. Fredrick Joseph L. GaulRobert Eplee Anne-Marie Fiala David H. and Linda R. Freeman Dr. and Mrs. Arthur GelbGerald Epstein Alan Fields Richard and Cheryl Freeman Mattia GelleraBrian Eriksen and Carlos Muralles Beverly Hong Fincher James Freund Adlena GeraciWallace and Charlotte Ernst Arthur Fine Lisa Friedman Glen Gerada and Kathleen BurgerPorter Eubank and Rita Ryack Kurt Finger Dale Friese Susan Gerbi-McIlwainMark Evans Fran Finkelstein Angela Fritz Robert GerlitsMilena Falcao Tyson Finn Harrison Fritz Stuart Gerson and Pamela SomersBrenda Fallace Hannah Fischer Carolyn Fuqua Thomas Gertmenian andSarah Jane Faller Danielle Fisher Richard Gable Sally BarngroveMitra N. Farahbaksh Gail Fisher Joseph H. Gainer Erin Gerycontinued on page 54'