b'2018-2019 YEAR BOOK49Michael Duffy (center holding toddler) is shown with his family at Disney World. Image courtesy Michael DuffyWe cannot forecast success in Discovery sciencelike thewherever it may lead. I want to groundbreaking Earth, space,science, so we must allow ensure resources are available and life research done atour scientists tofollow thefor maximum benefit across Carnegieis the knowledgethe institutionthat is why capital that will help unlock thechain of discovery . I choose to make my gifts innovations and breakthroughsMichael Duffy to Carnegie unrestricted. I of tomorrow. I have supportedtrust the organization and its Carnegie Science for more than ten years and hold a deepgovernance. I am confident in the institutions leadership conviction about the role scientific inquiry plays in theand scientists, and I want to let Carnegie decide where the improvement of humanity.extra dollar is going to make the biggest impact. It is fascinating to me that we almost never know whereIt was Andrew Carnegies vision to create an institution the next amazing discovery is going to emerge. Wethat finds the most promising scientific talent in order to cannot forecast success in science, so we must allow ourconduct research with minimal barriersand it is up to all scientists to follow the chain of discovery. Navigatingof us to make sure this tradition lives on. Scientific progress through complex and divergent ideas can bring about thesehas been the most potent source for human progress and accomplishments, but one often experiences failure alongsupporting Carnegie has been my way of advancing that the waythat is what discovery science is all about.goal. I am proud to support the creativity and ingenuity of Carnegie investigators on their journey. The flexibility and freedom that Carnegie provides its investigators allows them to pursue the next great discovery'