b"Friends, Honors & TransitionsThe Vannevar Bush SocietyVannevar Bush, the renowned leader of American scientific research of his time, served as Carnegie's president from 1939 to 1956. Bush believed in the power of private organizations and the conviction that it is good for man to know. The Vannevar Bush Society recognizes those who have made lifetime contributions between $100,000 and $999,999.Anonymous (5) John Diebold* Antonia Ax:son Johnson andElizabeth M. Ramsey*48 Philip H. Abelson* Jean and Leslie Douglas* Goran Ennerfelt Vera and Robert Rubin*Bruce and Betty Alberts Herbert A. Dropkin Paul A. Johnson* Allan R. Sandage*Mary Anne Nyburg Baker andMichael A. Duffy Paul and Carolyn Kokulis Leonard Searle*G. Leonard Baker, Jr. James Ebert* Douglas E. Koshland~ Allan SpradlingCraig and Barbara Barrett~ Jo Ann Eder Gerald D. and Doris* Laubach Frank N. Stanton*Daniel Belin and Kate Ganz Bruce W. Ferguson and Lawrence H. Linden Christopher and Margaret StoneBradley F. Bennett* Heather R. Sandiford Michael T. Long Dawn TaylorDidier and Brigitte Berthelemot Stephen and Janelle Fodor John D. Macomber David and Catherine ThompsonDavid P. Brown* Karen Fries and Richard Tait Steven L. McKnight William* and Nancy TurnerDonald and Linda Brown Martin and Jacqueline Gellert Richard A. and Marshall WaisRichard Buynitzky* Sibyl R. Golden* Martha R. Meserve Laure WoodsA. James Clark* Diane Greene and J. Irwin Miller*Tom and Anne Cori Mendel Rosenblum Al and Honey NashmanJohn Crawford Gary K. Hart and Cary S. Hart Evelyn Stefansson Nef* * DeceasedH. Clark and Eleanora K. Dalton* Henrietta W. Hollaender* Alexander Pogo* ~ New Member(s)The Second Century Legacy SocietyThe Second Century Legacy Society recognizes individualsthe resources to broaden scientific knowledge and cultivate who make special commitments to Carnegie Science infuture generations of leading scientists. Through their support of scientific research and discovery through theirplanned gifts, members meet their charitable and financial wills, living trusts, estate plans, and other forms of plannedgoals while creating legacies that support the research areas giving. Members of this society carry on the vital traditionmost important to them. We gratefully acknowledge these of philanthropy upon which Carnegie Science was founded,dedicated supporters, whose impact will be felt in tomorrows ensuring that throughout Carnegies next 100 years we haveresearch advances. Anonymous (4)~ Susan Farkas Paul A. Johnson* Leonard Searle*Philip H. Abelson* Nina V. Fedoroff Paul and Carolyn Kokulis Maxine and Daniel SingerPaul A. Armond, Jr. Julie D. Forbush* Mary G. Laufenberg~ Frank N. Stanton*Liselotte Beach* William T. Golden* Nancy Lee Fay M. Stetzer*Bradley F. Bennett* Crawford H. Greenewalt* Gilbert and Karen Levin Thomas H. B. Symons, C.C.Francis R. Boyd, Jr.* Margaretta Greenewalt* Chester B.* and Barbara C. Martin John R. Thomas, Ph.D.Lore E. Brown David C. Hardy~ Al and Honey Nashman Ian ThompsonGordon Burley Mrs. P. Edgar Hare~ Charles J. and Hatim A. TyabjiRichard Buynitzky* Gary K. Hart and Cary S. Hart Virginia E. Peterson William M. WhiteEleanor Gish Crow* Caryl P. Haskins* Alexander Pogo* Robert and Roberta YoungH. Clark and Eleanora K. Dalton* Robert and Margaret Hazen Elizabeth M. Ramsey*Hugh H. Darby* Richard E. Heckert* Holly M. Ruess * DeceasedHerbert A. Dropkin Henrietta W. Hollaender* Allan R. Sandage* ~ New Member(s)"