b'2018-2019 YEAR BOOK47The Hubble Space Telescope (right) was named after Carnegie astronomer Edwin Hubble, shown examining an astronomical plate in 1948. Images courtesy NASA and the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science Collection at the Huntington Library, San Marino, CaliforniaThe Edwin Hubble SocietyScience often requires years of hard work and dedicationcosmology by observing that the universe is vastly larger than before major discoveries can be made, and Edwin Hubblewe thought and is, in fact, expanding. We are proud to honor Society members make the critical investments that allowthe members of the Edwin Hubble Society, who have fostered our scientists to take calculated risks in pursuit of newsuch extended, paradigm-changing research through their knowledge. Carnegie scientist Edwin Hubble, the most famouslifetime contributions of $1,000,000-$9,999,999. astronomer of the 20th century, shattered our old concept of Anonymous William T. Golden* Richard E. Heckert* William J. RutterD. Euan and Angelica Baird Crawford H. Greenewalt* Kazuo and Asako Inamori Thomas and Mary UrbanWilliam H. Gates III David Greenewalt* Burton* and Deedee McMurtry Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr.*William and Cynthia Gayden Margaretta Greenewalt* Jaylee and Gilbert Mead* Michael G. & C. Jane Wilson~Michael and Mary Gellert Robert and Margaret Hazen Cary QueenRobert G. and Alexandra C. Goelet Margaret and Will Hearst Deborah Rose, Ph.D. *Deceased~ New Member(s)'