b'professional development. The goal is to grow a core group of outstanding math teachers to remain in teaching. The program currently focuses on attracting particularly seasoned math teachers. 43With the Teaching Fellowship ending, the Master Teacher Fellowship program is being enhanced with Days professional learning communities (PLCs). These are support groups of math teachersBill Day (right) joined MfA DC to run the professional development who share ideas and instructional practices. Oneprogram of the Master Teacher Fellowship program. He is a former is a book club that shares books on motivatingMfA DC master teacher and the 2014 D.C. Teacher of the Year. Teaching fellows from cohorts five and six meet master teachers students. The other is a video production groupfor professional development once a month (below).to create videos required for applying for NationalImages courtesy Bianca Abrams, MfA DCBoard Certification.Sarah Bax, who was awarded the Presidentialvideo club. He is board certified. Only 3% of the Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science3.7 million U.S. K-12 teachers are board certified. Teaching in 2011, leads the book club with MelissaTo further improve the quality of mathematics Cohen, who is in her second year of the Mastereducation, MfA DC encourages teachers to apply Teacher Fellowship program. Will Stafford leads thefor this prestigious achievement. '