b'The Presidents Commentary14Setting A Course For The Future After reviewing the highlights of this past years endeavors,As we move forward, we are exploring the possibility of I look forward to the future of Carnegie Science with evendeveloping new, long-term partnerships with world-class more enthusiasm, as we embark together on an ambitious,academic institutions that would help to support and expand thoughtful, and deliberate plan to strengthen our structure,our research opportunities and provide access to a wider extend our influence, increase our expertise, and assure ourrange of scientific facilities. We are focusing on potential joint institutional health and independence in the years to come.ventures that could include modernized facilities, combined fundraising and recruiting efforts, and shared commitment to One of our first actions has been to unify our six scientificgrowth in programs and staffing. Our goal in these partnership departments into three research divisions, focused on Earthconversations is to strengthen our ability to conduct world-and other planets, astronomy and astrophysics, and the life andleading science while assuring Carnegies independence in environmental sciences. This action reflects input from a wideboth scientific direction and internal governance. range of advisors, both inside and outside Carnegie. By bringing these divisions together, we are responding to the changingFrom our founding, Carnegie scientists have been inspired by an nature of science, which increasingly requires the combinedambitious mission: To expand our understanding of our world and efforts of diverse teams working across disciplinary boundaries.our universe, and to apply our knowledge to the improvement of At the same time, we are instituting new programs to supporthumankind. As we look to the future, we will be guided by that individual researchers and labs, to ensure that the Carnegiepowerful mission as we continue building a foundation for new tradition of intellectual freedom continues unabated. We also aredecades of scientific exploration and excellence. investing in a new, diverse generation of brilliant researchers, whose boldness, individuality, and insatiable curiosity will ensure our continuing ability to askand to answersome of the most significant scientific questions of our age.President, Carnegie Science'