b'10 Carnegie Science|Summer 2019Two Celestial Anniversaries:100 Years of Hubble Science and50 Years at Las Campanas Observatory!Its a celebratory year for Carnegie. One hundred years ago Edwin Hubble joined the Carnegie staff. He went on to revolutionize astronomy and his legacy remains strong today. Fifty years ago, Carnegie purchased land in Chile that would allow astronomers to observe from the Southern Hemisphere to study the center of the Milky Way and objects not visible from the north. The discoveries have been nothing short of breathtaking.Andrew Carnegie (left) and George E. Hale (right) stand in front of the 60-inch telescope at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California in 1910. Hale, a renowned solar astrophysicist, founded the then-Carnegie owned Mount Wilson Observatory.Image courtesy Carnegie ObservatoriesEdwin Hubble (left) and James Jeans (right) are on the platform next to the 100-inch Hooker telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory. That telescope was used for Hubbles paradigm-shifting discoveries. Image courtesy of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science Collection at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California'