The Carnegie Institution publications office issues periodical and special publications, issues press releases, and manages web content. Recent issues of the institution's quarterly newsletter, the annual year book, and other recent publications are also available on this site. The publications office also oversees the institution's library, archives, various databases, and grants permissions to publish Carnegie material.

To request images or other publication and press release material contact Tina McDowell (email) or  202-939-1120, or Natasha Metzler (email) or 202-939-1142.

Requests for permission to use Carnegie material should be emailed to John Strom at (email) or  Tina McDowell (email). The request should include the exact nature and source of the Carnegie material to be used including title, author, monograh number, and page number. If the request is about an image, please include a copy.

Indicate the publication contact information, indicating a contact person, a return fax number, telephone number, and email address.

For questions about Carnegie publications, contact Tina McDowell (email), 202-939-1120, or by mail at

Tina McDowell, Editor
Publications Office
Carnegie Institution
1530 P Street, NW
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