Capital Science Evening Lectures

Since 1991, the Carnegie Institution has hosted extraordinary researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines as part of the Capital Science Evenings lecture series. The lectures provide a unique opportunity to connect with some of the most gifted investigators in science and hear the stories behind their discoveries.

These hour-long lectures, followed by a brief question and answer period, go beyond the media accounts for a firsthand look at the “ah-ha” moments, the setbacks, and the triumphs that drive brilliant minds and fundamentally change our understanding of the world around us. Most of the lectures are livestreamed and recorded.  

Capital Science Evenings, free , open to the public, and hosted in the state-of-the-art lecture hall at the institution's landmark headquarters in Washington, DC. Join us as we redefine the pursuit of what is possible. 

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Capital Science Evening Lectures
Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 6:30pm
Cosmological observations show that on the largest scales accessible to our telescopes, the universe is very uniform, and the same laws of physics operate in all the parts of it that we can see....