Our Goal:

This interdisciplinary, cross-department research effort seeks to translate laboratory findings about the molecular mechanisms that affect the health of coral reefs to the natural environment. The goal is to understand coral reef change at the global scale then develop the capacity to preserve reef ecosystems, reconstruct reef communities, and ultimately eco-engineer coral reef communities.


 Our Approach:

Climate change is threatening our planet’s future, and rising sea temperatures and acidification are a threat to economically and ecologically important coral communities worldwide.

In recent years, a grass-root effort of studying coral reef biology has spread across all three biology and ecology departments at Carnegie Science. Since first meeting in 2017, a number of scientists have embarked on coral research with a new, multifaceted approach combining laboratory work that explains coral reef reproduction, recruitment, bleaching, death, disease, and dissolution with fieldwork to understand the processes from the molecular scale to the global scale.

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