Carnegie Science carries out a range of educational programs targeted at K-12 school children, teachers, and the general public.


The Carnegie Academy for Science Education (CASE) was created to inspire science education with teachers and students, and operates a number of programs in the Washington DC area. 



BioEYES, a program co-created by staff scientist Steve Farber, is a hands-on education program where K-12 students are exposed to and participate in biology research using zebrafish. The program is targeted primarily at inner-city school districts in Baltimore City. Launched in 2003, the program has reached over 100,000 students since its inception. BioEYES also operates out of facilities in Philadelphia, PA; Salt Lake City, UT; and Melbourne, Australia.

DC STEM Network

The DC STEM Network unites community partners to help inspire and prepare all DC youth to succeed, lead, and innovate in STEM fields and beyond. The Network connects educators, industry experts, community organizations, and colleges to support STEM learning across the city. The Network was formed in October 2014 through a partnership between Carnegie Science’s Carnegie Academy for Science Education and the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education.  Over 200 community partners have already engaged in the effort to enhance STEM learning opportunities for DC students and teachers within the classroom, outside of the classroom and in the workplace. To get involved, please contact us at or  

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