Carnegie has six research departments across the count, in addition to several educational inititives. The scientific staff and a constantly changing roster of students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting investigators, with a dedicated support staff tackle fundamental questions on the frontiers of biology, earth sciences, and astronomy. The scientific departments and their directors follow. 

Department of Embryology, Baltimore, MD (Genetics/Developmental Biology), Yixian Zheng, Acting Director

Geophysical Laboratory, Washington, DC (Earth/Planetary Science & Matter at Extreme States), George Cody, Acting Director

Department of Global Ecology, Stanford, CA (Global Ecology),  Joe Berry,Acting Director

Observatories, Pasadena, CA (Astronomy),  John Mulchaey, Director

Department of Plant Biology, Stanford, CA (Plant Science), Sue Rhee, Director

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Washington, DC (Astronomy &Earth and Planetary Science), Rick Carlson, Director


Carnegie Academy for Science Education  Washington, DC (Science Education)

Math for America, DC  Washington, DC (Science Education)