The Administration Files of the Carnegie Institution contain correspondence, press coverage, reports, financial records, and administrative records of the institution. They range from its founding, through its early days as a largely grant-making organization, to the establishment of its departments, including its pivotal role in scientific research during World Wars I and II. Documents cover now-defunct departments such as Marine Biology, Meridian Astrometry, the Nutrition Laboratory, and the seminal Maya research of the Department of Historical Research. The Administration Files databases provide only folder titles. For access to file contents, contact John Strom at Carnegie’s P Street headquarters building

The central administrative records (“General Files”) of DTM and the Geophysical Laboratory may be searched via the links below.  The General Files span 1904 through the 1980s and include departmental correspondence, project documentation, building plans, instrument schematics, biographical files, and news clippings.  The General Files databases provide only folder titles.  For access to file contents, contact Shaun Hardy at Carnegie’s Broad Branch Road campus

Other collections of DTM and Geophysical Laboratory archival records may be accessed via our Finding Aids.

The HathiTrust Digital Library has most past publications

Carnegie Administration Files

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism General Files

Geophysical Laboratory General Files

Note that the files for the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism and Geophysical Laboratory are located at our Broad Branch Road Campus in northwest DC.