President's Office
Matthew P. Scott <na> President
Timothy Doyle <na> Chief Operating Officer
Margaret Moerchen 202-939-1136 Science Deputy
Tamar Lolua 202-939-1116 Executive Assistant to the President
Lara Budeit 202-939-1150 Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Office of  the General Counsel
Benjamin Aderson 202-939-1118 General Counsel
Jessica Cima 202-939-1133 Administrative Services Manager
Endowment Office
Michael Stambaugh 202-939-1114  Chief Investment Officer
Michael Pimenov 202-939-1105  Investment Director
Brady Stovall 202-939-1152  Investment Analyst
Development Office
Ann McElwain 202-939-1145 Chief Development Officer
Benjamin Barbin 202-939-1121 Manager of Advancement Activities
Susanne Garvey 202-939-1128 Director, External Affairs
Cynthia Hunt 626-304-0277 Social Media Strategist
Brian Loretz 202-939-1123 Senior Manager of Prospect Research
Tina McDowell 202-939-1120 Editor & Publications Officer
Natasha Metzler 202-939-1142 Science Writer
Dione Rossiter 202-939-1144 Scientific Programs & Outreach Manager
Irene Stirling 202-939-1122 Manager of Advancement Operations
John Strom 202-939-1101 Multimedia Designer / Producer
Human Resources
Loronda Lee <na> Associate Director of Human Resources
Yulonda White 202-939-1110 HR & Insurance Records Coordinator
Jacqueline Williams 202-939-1112 Senior Asst. to the Associate Director of HR & Insurance
Alternate Responsible Officer, Exchange Visitor program
Financial Operations, Budgeting & Grants Management
Marjorie Burger 202-939-1130 Senior Financial Analyst
Shawn Frazier 202-939-1131 Accounting Technician
Dina Freydin 202-939-1117 Senior Grants Accountant
Yang Kim 202-939-1141 Deputy Financial Manager
Jessica Moore 202-939-1125 Associate Director of Financial Planning and Budgeting
June Napoco-Soriente 202-939-1129 Financial Accountant
Alicia North 202-939-1111 Payroll Accountant
Rebecca Schwieger 202-939-1102 Associate Director and Controller, Finance
Harminder Singh 202-939-1108 Financial Systems Accountant
Information Technology
Anthony DiGiorgio <na> Associate Director of Information Technology
Shaun Beavan <na> Information Systems Manager
Brent Bassin 202-939-1124 Network and Systems Administrator
Nibret Daba 202-939-1137 Database Administrator
Events & Facilities
Don Brooks 202-939-1127 Building Maintenance Specialist
Alexis Fleming 202-939-1139 Building Operations & Special Events Manager
Becky Hudson 202-939-1138 Building Operations $ Special Events Assistant Manager
Ana Lojanica 202-939-1143 Special Events & Building Coordinator
Abby Sevcik 202-939-1134 Events Assistant
Shanique Washington 202-939-1147 Receptionist and Administrative Assitant
CASE & First Light
Bianca Abrams 202-939-1135 Director of Math for America
Katia Grigoriants 202-939-1146 Manager, CASE Strategic Partnerships
Marlena Jones 202-939-1103 Acting Director, CASE
Paul Penniman 202-939-1148 Assistant Director, Master Teacher Program
Maxine Singer 202-939-1119 Senior Scientific Advisor
April Wright 202-939-1140 Administrative Assistant, CASE