At Carnegie, exceptional scientific minds are encouraged to follow their curiosity and empowered to pursue leadership roles across the scientific enterprise. They seek answers to questions about the structure of the universe, the formation of our Solar System and other worlds around distant stars, the behavior and transformation of matter when subjected to extreme conditions, the systems and cycles that govern Earth's processes, and the synergy of molecules that make life possible. 

Carnegie scientists are given the time, the resources, and the community to ask big questions and forge new paths of discovery. Carnegie’s record of innovation is founded on our unique structure, which enables our creative and ambitious scientists to devote their time and energy to forefront research. Our highly collegial and collaborative environment encourages scientists to think across disciplines and pursue high-risk lines of inquiry that have the potential to yield exceptional results.

Staff on a tour of the Smithsonian

Postdoctoral Program

The extraordinary independence and flexibility afforded by the Carnegie model are especially critical for early career researchers. 

Across a range of disciplines, our postdocs bring talent, creativity, fresh ideas, diverse viewpoints, and boundless energy to our research efforts. Every day, our postdocs help us to understand our world, our universe, and the complexities of life itself. 

As they move forward in their careers, they will serve as ambassadors for Carnegie, burnishing our reputation in academia, government, and industry.

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Summer interns are interviewed for a local news segment

Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Carnegie is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community. We believe academic environments should be places where diverse individuals with a variety of viewpoints and ideas can thrive and work together. 

Scientific research, like all human endeavors, yields the best results when done by an inclusive and diverse group of individuals. 


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Support Staff

As someone who believes deeply in the value of science and research, I love knowing that my work with donors has a direct impact on improving our knowledge of the world around us.

Milan Karol Principal Gifts Officer

As a person passionate about technology, I am proud to be part of modernizing Carnegie’s systems to support and advance science.

Nibret Daba Senior Business Solutions Administrator

At Carnegie's Earth and Planets Laboratory I get to work each day with talented, creative people in the most collegial atmosphere imaginable. It’s a place where each person’s contributions are valued and everyone plays an essential role in the success of our science.

Shaun Hardy Earth & Planets Laboratory Librarian
Milan Karol
Nibret Daba
Shaun Hardy