Office of the President

Dr. Matthew P. Scott is president of the Carnegie Institution. Appointed by the institution's board of trustees, the president is the chief executive officer of the institution and has general charge of its administration and supervision.

Administration and Finance

Cynthia Allen is the Director of Administration and Finance. She provides oversight of all the financial and administrative activities carried out in support of Carnegie's scientific endeavors. The range of these responsibilities includes budgeting, accounting, payroll, grants management, employee benefits, insurance and the monitoring of the institution's endowment. Cady Canapp is the manager of the Office of Human Resources and Insurance, which recruits employees and manages the benefit and retirement programs of the institution.


Rick Sherman leads the Office of Advancement as Chief Advancement Officer. Susanne Garvey is responsible for external affairs and Capital Science Evenings. Tina McDowell is the editor of the Carnegie Institution and is responsible for issuing periodical and special publications, news releases, updating web content, and granting permissions to publish Carnegie material.

Information Systems

Dr. Gotthard Saghi-Szabo is the Carnegie Institution's Chief Information Officer. His office is responsible for ensuring that the institution's information system investments are aligned with its mission and strategic objectives.